Millionaire mom on a mission to help 1M women become millionaires

Raising your kids, working a full-time job, caring for your home and nurturing your relationships. How are you faring at all those parts of your life? If you're struggling or unhappy, we have some help from a woman who knows the secrets to manage it all.

Cayla Craft quit her job years ago in order to start the life she wanted -- and it paid off. She is the Mommy Millionaire and is hoping to encourage and guide women to do the same.

"My mission is to help one million moms make a million dollars or more a year," she said.
She gave us a sneak peak into the workshops she leads.
Her tips:
Take 100% Ownership of Where You Are Right Now
"I teach people in the first step to take complete ownership 100 percent ownership for where you are in your life right now."
Assess Your Environment
"What environment are you in that is teaching you to play the blame game?"
Get Your Family Involved in Your Mission
 "How do you get your family involved in the environment you're trying to create for them? How do you get your kids involved in affirmations, in making better money choices, in understanding a family budget?"
And Moms, when you struggle to do it all and be it all, Cayla says forget the mom guilt!
"Guilt is always a choice and I’ve always chosen to not buy in o that story. If I keep telling myself I feel guilty then all I’m going to do is feel guilty all the time. What if I told myself I’m an amazing mom and I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have available. My kids feel loved and seen and heard and I’m an amazing mom."
To be that amazing mom, Cayla often delegates.
"Working hard is actually lazy. You want to work smart for your family and you have to learn how to delegate."
That frees up time for her to work so when her kids get home from school - she can spend quality time with them.
"You set the tone in your home right now. If your stressed and think how am I going to get everything done that show your kids are going to feel."
If you want more from Cayla, she has a podcast: the Mommy Millionaire podcast. She has also written a book, does live events, and offers one-on-one coaching. You can check it all out on her website