Michelin Guide adds 19 California restaurants to list

Nineteen restaurants in California were just added to the Michelin Guide. 

The additions were announced by Michelin Wednesday and include fine dining and casual restaurants across the Bay Area.

"Known for its incredibly fresh produce and some of the country's finest wines, California is much more than just Hollywood and surfing. That's why this month, our Inspectors took it upon themselves to explore the gastronomic landscape in California. From emoji-inspired egg bites to mouthwatering Shanghai dumplings, here are restaurants spread all across California that have found gold," Michelin said of its delicious findings in the Golden State.


The list comes two months after the Michelin Guide added six restaurants to the California guide back in March. 

Here are the 19 new restaurants added by Michelin:

Auro (Calistoga)

Anomaly SF (San Francisco)

Aphotic (San Francisco)

Copra (San Francisco)

HK Lounge Bistro (San Francisco)

Rosemary & Pine (San Francisco)

Suragan (San Francisco)

Friends Only (San Francisco)

Noodle in a Haystack (San Francisco)

Prik Hom (San Francisco)

Bombera (Oakland)

Lion Dance Cafe (Oakland)

Parche (Oakland)

Pomet (Oakland)

Snail Bar (Oakland)

Breakwater Barbecue (El Granada)

Kajiken (San Mateo)

LeYou (San Jose)

Pesticos (San Jose)