Metropolitan Water District Considers Rationing Proposal To Water Agencies

From Hal Eisner:

Beverly Hills' Water Blues

Meanwhile, Beverly Hills has taken a huge hit from the state's Water Resources Control Board being nailed with a maximum cut of 35%. By any standard, that's a lot. MWD Board Member Board Member Robert Wunderlich supports tough MWD allocation cuts of 15%, because they "would be saving more water for the future," but admits 35% is tough.

A big help will be turning big lawns in Beverly Hills into drought resistant landscapes by removing grass and switching from broadcast to drip irrigation. But, there's not a lot of time to meet that 35% cut from the state. By, the summer months the State Water Resources Board wants to see reductions in the direction of 35% less water use. So, the city council will soon be looking at a series of new measures when it meets April 21st.

More on those measures in the video report.

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