Metal rod impales car's windshield, narrowly missing driver

What in the final destination….

One very lucky driver was caught in the middle of a scene right out of a horror movie recently, and she is living to tell the tale.

The scary incident happened in Tustin Ranch between Walnut and the 5 Freeway, according to the Tustin Police Department.

"Luckily this motorist was not injured after her windshield was impacted by kicked-up roadway debris," police said.

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Photo: Tustin PD

People were quick to chime in on social media, saying the woman is indeed extremely lucky she escaped unscathed from it all. 

"She's incredibly lucky! That could've been so much worse!" one comment read. 

"Something like that killed a motorist here in the SF Bay Area in the eighties. Rebar bounced up underneath her car and she was impaled," another comment read.

Some people said they'd never get behind the wheel again.

"I would be giving up driving at that point!" one person said. 

"I’m never driving again," another agreed.

"That will wake you up, quick!" another commented. 

"Yikes!! I thought you only saw that in the movies," someone else said. 

Authorities are reminding all motorists to be alert whenever behind the wheel.

"Simply driving a vehicle is a dangerous activity," police said.