'Martians wanted': NASA seeking applicants to live in year-long Mars simulator

This might be the ultimate opportunity for introverts.

NASA is looking for a four-person crew to participate in a one-year program simulating living on Mars. 

This mission will be the second of three Mars living simulations Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog, or CHAPEA.

The first four-person crew was locked into the Mars Dune Alpha habitat in June 2023, and is more than halfway through their mission.

This current mission is set to kick off in Spring 2025.

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What's life like on Mars?

For your mission, should you choose to accept, you will be tasked to live with four other volunteers in a 1,700-square-foot Mars simulation. The area will include living quarters for each volunteer, a workspace, a medical station, lounge areas and a section to grow food. 

According to NASA, there will be limited resources. Volunteers will go on simulated spacewalks and be tasked with maintaining their habitat, working with robotics, and learning the environment. 

All this to hopefully prepare for the real-life mission to Mars. 

When can I apply?

You have until April 2 to apply. You can apply here

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Will I get paid? 

According to NASA, "compensation for participating in the mission is available. More information will be provided during the candidate screening process."

Who qualifies?

NASA says it will follow the standards it typically uses whee considering astronaut candidates.

These typically include having a master's degree in a STEM field like engineering, mathematics, or biological, physical or computer science from an accredited institution.

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Two years of professional experience in a related field is also required. If you have 1,000 hours of experience piloting a plane, that's a help.

You also have to be a U.S. citizen or preeminent resident. You also have to be healthy, don't smoke and be between the ages of 30-55 years old and proficient in English.