Mark Wahlberg, Mario Lopez thank Children's Hospital of LA staff on National Nurses Day

They are the selfless, caring people who watch over us in the hospital. Sometimes they bring you medicine, sometimes they change a bandage, and sometimes they just offer a comforting word. These are the faces of nurses all over the country. For anyone who has ever been seriously ill, you will not forget their names. 

So it's easy to see why a week dedicated to honoring nurses, who are essential caregivers would be warmly embraced. But throw in a pandemic and you can add adjectives like courageous, determined, fearless to a nurse's long list of attributes.

As the world battles against the highly contagious coronavirus, most are sequestered at home. But nurses are suiting up, scrubbing up and going to work. 

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I was honored to be at Children's Hospital today where the week dedicated to nurses kicked off. Actor Mark Wahlberg was there. His buddy, host Mario Lopez came with him.

Both men said they wanted to say thank you to nurses who are on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic.

Mayor Garcetti was there to applaud nurses and underscore their sacrifice as we grapple with the worst health emergency in a century. 

After snapping selfies, enjoying some food, and elbow bumping, I chatted with a few nurses at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. They seemed genuinely surprised and touched to get such warm praise.

They said they " believed in what they were doing." We, of course, know their job places them in harm's way. In a poignant statement, one young nurse, and mom of two, said that she felt stresses at home and work because her oldest is now getting homeschooled due to the virus. She called herself a "teacher-mom" at home, and then off to care for people who could have the virus at work.

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It seemed that Wednesday's ceremony had some family connections.

Wahlberg told me his mom was his inspiration. She gave birth to nine kids, and then went back to school and became a nurse. He was awed by the job she and her co-workers performed.

The mayor proudly told me his eldest child is also a nurse.

So while we are shouting out to our loved family members, I add my own. I throw out recognition to my sister Maria, a nurse practitioner and my niece Lara who is an LVN studying for her RN.

#Thankyounurses.  We appreciate you!

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