Man uses 46-year-old Disney World pass to be admitted into park: 'Golden ticket'

A man has gone viral after showing how he successfully gain admission into a Disney World park by using a pass that was nearly 50 years old.

In a TikTok video garnering more than 8 million views, Matthew Ables said he found the pass, which was in the form of a booklet, and allowed entry into Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Ables told his followers that the pass had been "collecting dust" since before he was born, and he assumed it was "an old family keepsake."

"I realized it had never been used and there is no expiration date," he added.

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The pass, which was purchased in the late 1970s, was good for one day in only one of the parks — Magic Kingdom.

Today, the "theme park ticket" available at Walt Disney World has a base price of $109 per day, according to the theme park's website.

Ables said in his TikTok video that his vintage pass cost $8, which means the price of a ticket for Disney World has increased by at least 1,262.5%.

Fox Business reached out to Matthew Ables for comment.

A Magic Kingdom ticket may vary with prices hitting upwards of $184 for those over 10 and $179 for ages 3-to-9 years old.

Ables arrived at the ticket booth and turned in his "golden ticket," unsure if it would be accepted.

"I was getting nervous there, because she started aggressively stamping ‘void’ all over the ticket booklet and then left," he said in the video, which shows him approaching a park ticket booth.

"But she did come back with this yellow pass which, supposedly, is good to get into the park," Ables said.

Upon entering the park, Able learned that Magic Kingdom tickets that day cost $164 for customers ages 10 and up.

Fans of the park shared their thoughts on both the rarity of the pass and the unbelievable price tag on the relic.

"As a former vacation planner - this is what we trained for and most of us never got to do. You made her day," one user commented.

"$8 in 1978 is worth about $40 in today’s value. Its crazy how much they keep increasing prices," another person wrote. "I’m just saying that based on inflation alone, prices should be about 1/3 of what they are now."

"I'm just saying your comparison is worthless on inflation alone. The park is more than 3x size, so you're actually getting a deal," one TikToker commented, defending the theme park's prices.

Ables' 46-year-old pass was labeled "10 adventures in one."

Ables shared in the comments that each ride used to have its own individual ticket, which was what was included in the packet.

It's unclear if purchasing a ticket booklet back then was equivalent to buying a standard entry pass today.

Fox Business reached out to representatives at Walt Disney World for comment.

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