Man sitting on bench shot dead in Westlake area, suspect arrested

Across from MacArthur Park, where the sidewalks are packed with people selling clothes, jewelry and food, a man sitting on a bench was shot and killed.

Investigators say at about 5 p.m. Saturday, a LAPD patrol car on Alvarado Street was about to turn left onto Wilshire when the officers heard a gunshot.

They saw a man put a gun in a backpack but when they turned onto Wilshire he took off running. The officers ran after him, around the corner, where they say the man threw the backpack with the gun inside and got down on the ground, surrendering. 

“Detectives are out at the scene. They’re canvassing for witnesses which we do have some witnesses and we’re looking into video surveillance from nearby businesses,” says LAPD Commanding Officer Lt. Ryan Rabbett. 

Investigators shut down several blocks on Wilshire to collect evidence, forcing out many street vendors who were inside. 

“They moved us to the corner and we have to wait to get our stuff,” says Jolanda Castro who heard the shooting. 

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives are investigating several possible motives. “We’re looking at our suspect and our victim to see if it was potentially a dispute, narcotics or a gang issue,” says Lt. Rabbett.