Man rents movie theater, surprises wife with lost wedding footage

An Oregon husband planned a special surprise for his wife on their 14th wedding anniversary: a private screening of their never-before-seen wedding video at a local movie theater.

Drew and Kayla Gottfried had never seen the footage of their special day, until July 20.

"My wife Kayla and I were married in 2007. Shortly after our honeymoon we received our wedding video but the tape was blank," Drew told Storyful.

But a friend reached out to Drew recently with good news: The video had been found.

"Initially I was completely surprised," Drew told FOX Television Stations. "As soon as I saw his message, I knew I had to plan a surprise for Kayla and that she would be blown away."

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Drew set to work organizing a romantic surprise for his wife.

Footage shared on TikTok shows the pair settling in with snacks and drinks at the theater, with Kayla believing she was there to watch a movie.

When the previews finish and the footage begins to play, a tearful Kayla can be seen grabbing her husband in shock.

"She was completely blindsided. We seem to reminisce about the footage every anniversary and even that evening at dinner, Kayla had mentioned she was bummed we didn't have the footage," Drew said. "As soon as the actual picture started playing she lost it and was overcome with happiness, joy, disbelief and excitement."

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Drew said it means so much that they now have the special memories to cherish and look back on again.

"There are so many people we can see, stories we can hear and laughter we can enjoy now. Things that slowly fade away in your memory are now being brought back to life. It has been amazing," Drew said.

Storyful contributed to this story.