Man/Kind Project helping homeless during COVID-19 pandemic by handing out kindness bags

Kindness times one-thousand! The Man/Kind Project is stepping out into the streets to reach the homeless in tents and under overpasses. This week they gave out their 1000th bag filled with food and necessities. 


Founder Richard Stellar says they're looking for the people most of us "drive-by every day and look the other way." He says many in this homeless population are immobile or don't make it to shelters. He says they are among the most vulnerable during this coronavirus pandemic. "They fly under the radar and hide when someone from social services approaches."

The CoronaKindness bag is filled with items like toilet paper and food. 

They are all volunteer group and are planning to reach out to the homeless population in the African American community next. They also deliver to the elderly or ill. 

The Man/Kind project started as a campaign to fight religious and cultural intolerance but per their website "suspended that to respond to the pandemic."  

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