Low-income residents facing eviction on short notice in Torrance

Approximately 70 people are on the brink of displacement in Torrance as Vivo Flex Living, a residence catering to low-income tenants, is set to close its doors.

 "Right now, a lot of people are wondering if they're going to be homeless," said Cortlen Arterberry, a tenant.

Kenneth Adams, a resident of the building, voiced the collective sentiment, stating, "We have all these people that are here… these are our homes."

Ameera Nasser, another tenant, echoed the sentiment.

"Having a roof over my head, that's my biggest concern," Nasser said.

The residents received a letter on March 14 instructing them to vacate their units by May 1, 2024. The letter cited demolition and remodeling as reasons for closure.

Despite demolition claims, residents say they have observed workers fixing some of the units, leading to doubts about the true intentions behind the closure.

"They are manipulating and lying to people so that they can increase the rates," Nasser said.

Felicia Hayes highlighted potential alternatives.

"There are ways they can revive the building without putting everybody out," Hayes said.

Residents say Vivo Flex Living management has offered no assistance for relocation. 

"There's already a problem with homelessness, so you're trying to see us displaced. There's no assistance, there's no help. There's no recourse; that's not fair," Hayes said.

The building is in the process of being sold for $15.1 million. The buyer is Vivo Investments.