Los Angeles neighborhood getting unwanted food deliveries

A Los Angeles community says it has been riddled with Uber Eats and other food deliveries - but no one ordered them. 

Many residents in a Highland Park neighborhood say they've been getting deliveries for months. This includes everything from chicken sandwiches and milkshakes to coffee. 

"I thought it was just a wonderful act of neighborhood kindness. And then it just kept going and we didn't know what to think," William Neal told FOX 11's Cristy Fajardo.

Some people say they've received dozens of orders - one family says they've had over 40. The kicker is - no one knows where they're coming from. 

"I would say a good 30 at least," said Dean Sao. "And it was various places. It was Starbucks, it was McDonald's, it was Burger King, Chick-Fil-A."

He worried it was a scam and didn't eat the food, others donated the deliveries to the homeless in the neighborhood.


The receipts on the orders provided no clues. 

"Different names, always different driver," Neal explained. "Yeah. There wasn't a lot of consistency except for the fact that it was usually always a crispy chicken sandwich."

Neighbors say the deliveries stopped after the LA Times started asking questions.

Uber Eats told FOX 11 that they have launched an investigation into the source of the unwanted orders and have taken action against several accounts.