Long time landmark 'Circus of Books' to close Sunday

An adult bookstore that has been a staple in the gay community will close its doors after being open for 58 years.

This is the last weekend for customers to shop at 'Circus of Books' in West Hollywood.

Karen and Barry Mason never planned to get into the retail business and certainly never planned to sell porn, but the opportunity presented itself and the couple embraced it.

Their store became well-known and well-established because it welcomed the gay community and gave them a safe place to purchase gay erotica and also meet with other gay people without the taboo of being apart of the LGBTQ community.

But the rise and normalization of gay porn being readily -- and freely available on the internet has made the store less relevant, said Karen.

The Masons said the closing is an end of an era, but the gay community will still have a safe place once the new business takes over.

The store's 50 percent off sale ends Sunday at 7 p.m.