20,000 potholes in Long Beach still need to be fixed: memo

There's a backlog of 20,000 potholes in Long Beach, according to a recent memo from the Public Works Department. 

Most of the damage is within 92 acres of parking lots at their 167 parks. 

"To address ongoing funding challenges, (the Parks Department) has previously requested road maintenance funds and capital project requests for road rehabilitation via the citywide capital improvement program," the memo said. "However, limited funding availability has not allowed the City to budget substantial funding for roadways within parks."

Park officials say a full roadway rehab is needed throughout the regional park system as a whole. 

This all comes following relentless winter storms that exacerbated the issue. 

According to the memo, it's going to cost an estimated $9.3 million to fund pavement repairs at the most in-need parks, and another $10 million to address El Dorado Regional Park specifically.

The Public Works Department has suggested an annual budget of about $840,000 for the next five-to-seven years or to add a fourth pothole repair crew.

FOX 11 has reached out the city for comment but has not yet heard back.