Locket with loved one's ashes still missing

A 14-year-old girl from South Philly lost the ashes of her father. His ashes were inside a locket she wore around her neck inscribed with 'Daddy' and a heart. The family is hoping the power of social media can help her find this locket that means so much. A week after we first reported the story, the locket remains missing.

"It's like losing her father twice."

Susan Wise is searching South Philly for the ashes of her teenager Jenny's deceased dad--encased in a beloved locket the 14-year-old wore around her neck every day until it somehow slipped off near a McDonald's at 3rd and Oregon last week.

While Jenny is at school, her mother searches business-to-business and through the bushes.

"I just hope someone has it and is decent enough to return it," she said.

Jenny's father died two years ago. The teen has few mementos of the Army veteran. Pictures of birthday parties and being held in his embrace. The locket helped keep her dad close.

"She feels like it brings her good luck when they won softball championships and when she won the volleyball championship for Central."