Local ER doctor's perfectly healthy wife battled COVID-19

His wife is a picture of perfect health.

"She’s someone who runs five to seven miles a day," says. Dr. Troy Pennington of his wife, Loren.

So, when the 31-year-old wife and mother contracted Covid-19, both were stunned. 

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Dr. Pennington, an emergency room physician at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, says his wife began feeling off Mother’s Day weekend, but nothing too serious.  Until May 12th.

That’s the day he was at work and received a text from her showing her more than 100-degree fever. This marked the beginning of Loren’s more than three-week grueling battle with Coronavirus. 

Loren ended up on oxygen and at her husband’s hospital.

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"Even though I’m an employee of the hospital, I wasn’t able to visit her," says Dr. Pennington.

Fortunately, Pennington’s hospital stay was short-lived, but her fight was far from over. The couple’s bedroom became Loren’s makeshift hospital room. Dr. Pennington says it took 22 days to finally declare his wife recovered. He hopes his wife’s experience is a lesson to all to mask, distance, and wash.

"I know you feel young and invincible, but my wife's really fit and this is what happened to her," says Dr. Pennington.  

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