Attorney Lisa Bloom announces new legal actions against 'billionaire bully' Elon Musk

Attorney Lisa Bloom on Monday announced new legal actions will continue to be filed against Twitter and Elon Musk after mass layoffs at the social media company in November. 

Bloom said the legal actions filed against both Musk and Twitter encompass everything from breach of contract and breach of implied agreement to civil rights violations and the violation of the WARN Act. 

Bloom was joined by ex-Twitter employees Helen-Sage Lee, Adrian Trejo Nunez and Amir Shevat who recounted their experiences. 

"I loved where I worked and I loved who I worked with… and very single one of us deserves what was promised and is rightfully owed to us," Lee said. 

Shevat was the head of products for.

"The way Elon Musk executed the layoffs was really inhumane," he said. "At a certain point I was told that as a manager that I might felt fired if I just gathered my team just to answer questions." 

Shevat added that employees suffered from "intentional communication deprivation." 

"There was a blunt disregard for personal conditions such as relevant medical issues. All this was done while Elon Musk was abusing us in public on Twitter," he adedd.

Trejo-Nunez was a senior software engineer for Twitter. He said he has struggled to interview for jobs and said the layoffs could have been handled better.

"He chose to fire so many of us during a difficult time period in the tech industry," he said. 

"No one is above the law, not even the world's richest man," Bloom said. She encouraged Musk to challenge the lawsuits. 

"Bring it on," she added. "Workers are not garbage. They are human beings who deserve respect and who count on their jobs to support themselves and their families. They rely on their employment for health care benefits. They expect their employers to live up to their promises. They have legally enforceable rights. And we will fight to enforce every one of those rights."

Bloom encouraged any other ex-Twitter employees to contact her office "because there is strength in numbers."