LAUSD Superintendent visits students' homes in push to improve classroom attendance

LAUSD is trying to get the district's students to show up to class more.

On Friday, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho visited the homes of students who faced challenges impacting their classroom attendance. The visit is a part of the iAttend LAUSD Campaign to improve the district's student attendance rate.

The district's push comes as Monday, August 15 will mark the first day of school for more than 500,000 LAUSD students. Last school year, the absentee rate district-wide was about 50% with COVID-19 quarantines. That rate included students that missed more than 10% of school days.

Carvalho vows the district will be consistent in making sure the kids show up to class.

"This is not a one-and-done," he said, adding LAUSD will hold students accountable throughout the school year.

The district hopes the in-person visit, along with donating much-need supplies like laptop and high-speed internet access, can inspire the students to go to class more.

Carvalho also announced students would return to school with credentialed teachers in every classroom, free breakfast and lunch for students and more.