Latino Trump supporter in Pico Rivera receives racist letters, fears for family's safety

A Pico Rivera man and his family are living in fear claiming they have been the targets of a series of extremely racist letters mailed to them ever since they moved into their home a year ago.

Victor Gonzalez says he suspects his politics and support for President Donald Trump in a predominantly liberal area may have something to do with the vitriol he's been receiving. He says he's a proud Latino Republican and has lived in Pico Rivera his entire life.

Gonzalez sifted through a series of racist letter as he spoke with Fox 11's Bill Melugin. The most recent one came about two weeks ago.

"They're making racial comments saying we're [expletive] and we should go back to Mexico," said Gonzalez. Another letter reading, "Nobody knows you wet backs, how did you escape the caravan in Tijuana."

Words like, "You people have made this neighborhood look like a ghetto in East L.A., are all of you from're living like a bunch of [derogatory term for Hispanics]," are included in the letter.

Another letter tells the family to go back to Tijuana with the rest of the immigrants and that "you belong behind a wall with the rest of [your] get the hell out."

All of the letters are signed as "The Neighbors."

Gonzalez, fearing for the safety of his family, has installed security doors and security cameras throughout his property and it's taking an emotional toll.

"We are hard-working people, my family is a hard-working family, we don't deserve this," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says he doesn't believe his neighbors are actually the writers of the letters and has a message for whoever is.

"If these people found out that I'm a Republican, you're not gonna throw us out of here or push us out of Pico Rivera because Pico Rivera is our home.

The letters also made racist comments about his wife in the yard and him loading up his pickup truck, so he believes whoever is behind these letters has physically come to his house and watched them.

The letters were reported to police and U.S. Postal Service. Both of those agencies say they are looking into it.