LAPD following ends in violent multi-vehicle crash in Westlake

A suspected stolen car gets in a multi-vehicle crash in Los Angeles’ Westlake neighborhood after the driver was followed by police Friday afternoon. 

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department said they were following a silver Toyota Prius when the suspect crashed at the intersection of 6th and Coronado streets just before 12:40 p.m.

Police say the following lasted just a minute.  

"It started when officers got a hit on their vehicle that was reported stolen. Officers followed it, it initiated a pursuit when the suspect vehicle took off and the suspect vehicle was involved in a traffic collision," said LAPD Sgt. Peter Kim.

SkyFOX flew over the scene and showed aerial images of at least three vehicles involved in the collision. 

Two people inside the suspect's vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition. 

The drivers of the black BMW and Kia were driving when the suspect crashed into them. No other major injuries were reported. 

The intersection was closed off for about five hours.