AI-generated nude photos of Laguna Beach HS students under investigation

The Laguna Beach Unified School District has launched an investigation with the help of local law enforcement after AI-generated nude photos of students were circulated online. 

Principal Jason Alleman sent a letter to parents Monday about the investigation into the photos. In the letter, Alleman said "these incidents can have far-reaching impact on our campus culture."

"These actions not only compromise individual dignity but also undermine the positive and supportive environment we aim to foster at LBHS," Alleman said in the letter.

The photos might have been shared among students through text messages and parents were informed about the photos last week.

The school district has since released a statement saying in part, "We are required by law to keep student discipline matters confidential to protect the privacy and well-being of our students. In any situation that arises, the safety and security of our students is always our top priority."

Last month, a similar incident was reported in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. At Beverly Vista Middle School, students were victimized by fake nude photos that superimposed their faces onto nude bodies generated by AI and those photos also circulated online. 


According to one 8th-grade student, when teachers became aware of the AI-generated photos, they started contacting and interviewing victims.

"Girls [were] being called out one by one," said Evelyn Kruger, a student. "There’s always that fear, am I going to be next? Am I going to be called in? Sure, it might be animated, it might look unrealistic, but a couple of them look real."

Laguna Beach school officials are not saying who or how many students were victimized by the AI-generated photos or how many students are responsible. 

Laguna Beach High School is planning to host panel discussions this week covering online privacy, legal and ethical considerations of sharing content, the impact of online behavior on future opportunities and relationships and managing digital footprints.

"We share deep empathy for the students and families involved, understanding the distress and worry they, as well as the wider student body, may be experiencing," Alleman said in his letter to parents.

Students and parents react

"I’m not quite sure what they showed," said Ariana Coulolias, a senior at Laguna Beach High.  "But, I just know they look really real. It’s just kind of scary to see stuff like that happen."

"Having 2 daughters, I think that’s something that’s super important to me, that’s something is done," a parent told FOX 11.  "So [kids] know this is not okay."

On Tuesday, California State Senator Josh Becker spoke with FOX 11. The senator has been working on legislation targeting artificial intelligence and how he's working to prevent children from getting AI tools. 

"It’s very hard," said Becker.  "A lot of these are open source, they’re widely available.  If kids really want to find a way, they can."

Becker added he is working on legislation that would strengthen laws against using AI to create explicit photos, especially involving children.  Becker says their legislation would label AI-generated nude photos of minors as child sex material.

 "We have to let kids know in school, [this] is unacceptable at all levels," said Becker.  "There will be punishment for it.  This is not a joke.  This is not a laughing matter.  These are serious crimes."

 A spokesperson from Laguna Beach PD provided the following statement:

 "The Laguna Beach Police Department is aware of an incident involving the production of inappropriate images using artificial intelligence and is assisting the school administration in their investigation," said Laguna Beach PD.  "Since this investigation is ongoing, out of respect for and to protect the privacy of all minors involved, we cannot provide additional details."

City News Service contributed to this report.