City of LA hosting second annual illegal fireworks buyback event

There’s a new effort to get illegal fireworks off the street before the Fourth of July holiday.

The City of Los Angeles is hosting its second annual fireworks buyback event and exchange, those who turn in illegal fireworks will receive a free gift card. 

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, the event will be held at the Brand Park parking lot located at 15121 S. Brand Boulevard in Mission Hills

"Any Angeleno who brings in any type of firework, please put it in the trunk of your vehicle. You can surrender it and you’ll be met with a firefighter and a police officer will not take any of your information or any ID. We’ll give you a gift card, safely remove [the fireworks] and we’ll have a safe Los Angeles," LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. 

Moore also noted nearly 700 Angelenos made complaints about fireworks last year. 

"It’s irresponsible, it’s against the law, and it puts the LAPD in a terrible position of officers responding to a neighbor’s complaint and now we’re faced with a person who’s using fireworks unlawfully, and they’re faced with a citation or arrest and prosecution. It’s a terrible way to celebrate the 4th of July," he said. 

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