Knife attack during road rage incident

A victim of a road rage attack tells a terrifying story.

It all went down right in the middle of a busy freeway. A man got out of his car and attacked that driver with a knife. That driver received multiple stab wounds.

It happened earlier this week while traffic was nearly gridlocked on the 105 East near Central Avenue in South LA.

The victim said that during the attack he just ''thought about getting back home to my wife and kids''. It was another example of Southern California ''road rage,'' as two motorists got in a confrontation on the busy stretch of freeway. A certain middle finger salute triggered a response way out of proportion, leaving the driver with three stab wounds.

At first, the victim thought he was simply being punched by the guy who got out of his car and came at him through the open window. Then, he realized ''it stung'' and he saw the blood on his shirt and on his car. He tried to drive off, bumped another vehicle, the other guy did apparently did the same. To make a longer scarier story a bit shorter, our victim took off, bleeding, intending to drive himself to the hospital nearby. The other guy took off, but they lost each other in traffic, and our victim ended up flagging down a CHP officer who called an ambulance which took him to the hospital where he ended up with stitches in his side and a healthy fear of ever ''flipping off '' someone, as he put it, out on the freeways.

Meantime, there was no ID on the suspect or his vehicle, which was a late model red Ford Mustang with dealer plates. If you have any information, please call police.

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