Kansas Highway Patrol trooper offers straightforward tips on merging

Not everyone follows the rules of the road.

One trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol wanted to make sure people knew how to properly merge onto an interstate, and it does not include traveling below the speed limit.

"It's called acceleration, people," said Trooper Ben, a spokesperson for KHP. "When you get into the interstate, you got to accelerate to be at the same speed that people are traveling."

The trooper shared a video through his official Twitter account offering his piece of advice to commuters. It's one that seems to resonate with commuters across the country.

A Twitter user from Oregon wrote, " AMEN!!!! Thank you Trooper Ben!"

Another from Florida tweeted, "Oh Lord, We absolutely have to get this message out here in Florida. I've lived here about 5 years and it's the only place on the planet that I see people get to the end of an acceleration lane and stop! Thanks Tpr Ben."

A Michigan driver also tweeted, "I love it!! Some drivers will just never get it! That and locking up the fast lanes."

In his video, the trooper says, "I'm not telling you to jack up your speed and go way above the speed limit. Don't do that. I need you to be going to the speed limits as you merge into traffic because it totally jacks everybody up that's in the lanes traveling down the road.

Watch his full video below: