Job Finder: You could make $70,000 annually on commission as a Mathis Brothers sales associate

Mathis Brothers is in the business of selling furniture but this morning they are in the business of hiring. The company is looking to hire 114 new employees.

The coronavirus has forced so many people to work-from-home and so you can imagine furniture stores, like Mathis Brothers, are in demand and filling orders.

"A lot of people are setting up places to homeschool their kids and work from home. Lots of desks and chairs... people interested in patio furniture...," said Rit Mathis, a third-generation furniture retailer.

Mathis said their greatest need right now is for sales associates who work on commission.

"Our average sales associate makes just over $70,000 a year and good sales associates, special people, make well over $100,000. These are the kind of jobs that are kind of hard to find… and we have quite a few available right now," he said. 

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In terms of qualifications and experience, Mathis says you don't necessarily need any.

"You just have to be outgoing and want to meet people and make friends, and help them pick out furniture."

The Mathis Brothers facility is over a half a million square feet, it is perfect for browsing without getting close to employees or other customers. The furniture company is also looking for warehouse workers, customer service reps and some marketing positions are open too.

All their listing and job descriptions are posted on their website, just look for the career center.

"Operationally, we have jobs as material handlers and lift car operators in our warehouse here in Ontario, but the sales jobs exist both in Ontario and in Irvine."

Mathis says the company does offer benefits, “we have 401K matching... health insurance."

He also said employees have to answer a health questionnaire and they get their temperature taken sometimes twice during their shift due to the pandemic. It is just another sign of the "new normal" that everyone is living but when it comes to customer service Mathis says, nothing has changed when shopping for furniture and a job at Mathis Brothers.

"It's a friendly environment, and it's a competitive environment. We like to meet our goals and win... it's really about customer service first and taking care of your coworker second."

To apply visit or you can stop by one of their stores in Irvine, Ontario or Indio and apply in person.