Job Finder: Outschool looking to hire teachers to keep up with high demand of homeschooling

Educators looking for supplemental income, professionals with a certain skill, this week’s job finder is for you.

Outschool is hiring to keep up with the demand for teachers because so many students are home these days. 

The online platform offers online classes for kids, including the core curriculum, but it also offers creative-learning classes like “life-skills” or “coding” classes.

“When we talk about teachers we’re seeing many certified teachers using Outschool to supplement their income but also many professionals and yoga instructors and artists entrepreneurs who have skills and interest that are valuable to share with kids.” Amir Nathoo is the co-founder and CEO says teacher certified or not there’s plenty of opportunity on his platform, Outschool.

The company is based in San Francisco offering a number of live online classed for kids K - 12th.

“Things like lego engineering learn architecture through Minecraft, learn Spanish…It’s definitely supplementary education designed to help and fill in the gaps with things the school can’t provide or with help to catch up.”

Nathoo says the site is designed to appeal to students interests by incorporating creative and interactive ways of learning. Given the coronavirus pandemic and now Summer almost there they’re hiring to keep up with the demand.

“So teachers typically charge 10-15 dollars per student per hour and multiple students join classes that’s why the classes can be very affordable for parents but still have teachers make money,” Nathoo says.

“We have some teachers who are earning more than 10k dollars a month teaching interspace classes and its been an incredible lifeline for many people who have seen their usual work disrupted.”

Here’s how to apply and teach, usually between three to 10 students, per class. 

“So you go to Outschool dot com and there’s a link to teach on the top right and you go to  and you sign up, you fill out a short online application form and you also record a short introductory video and then our team will review that and provides you with any feedback or approves you into the market place along with the criminal background check process.”

Nathoo says it’s fairly easy and someone will likely get back to you with a day. To learn more you can visit their website at