Jason and Haley are siblings who like to try new thigns

Jason and Haley are siblings who have the potential to bring lots of love and laughter to an adoptive family.

We first met this brother and sister duo around a year ago, but we are still searching for the family who are the right fit for these two. Jason and Haley are interested in trying new things, so this time around we took them ice skating for the first time at Pershing Square Holiday on Ice in downtown Los Angeles.

Jason, 11, is laid back and loves to play soccer. He says he’s "got skills" in it and wants to play professionally someday. Like many kids his age, Jason also likes to play video games and watch YouTube. Scholastically, Jason enjoys math as well as the activities offered at school. He has been recognized as an intellectually gifted child at his school. Jason enjoys being a big brother and still relishes time with his sister Haley.

Haley, 8, is a creative girl who enjoys drawing and coloring to keep herself entertained, but playing cards and games are activities that Haley would love to do with her future forever family – with Uno, Twister and Candyland being some of her current favorites. She especially loves school because of the awesome play area her school has. As for a career interest, Haley is already displaying the heart of a veterinarian – sharing how she loves puppies and wants to be able to help them when she grows up.

Jason and Haley are currently in separate placements and we are looking for that one adoptive family that will bring them together and provide the support they need as they make their way around the rink called life. To see Jason and Haley in action, tune in to Wednesday’s Child, and to learn more about adopting give us a call at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).