Jail time for man caught on video punching 2 women at hot dog stand in Downtown LA

A Sylmar man who was caught on video punching two women at a hot dog stand in downtown Los Angeles will serve jail time, a Los Angeles City Attorney announced Monday.

Arka Sangbaran Oroojian, 30, pled guilty last week to two counts of battery. He was sentenced to three years of summary probation, 30 days in county jail and 30 days of community labor. Additionally, Oroojian was ordered to complete 24 anger management classes and ordered not to possess any weapons, including guns, while on probation.

According to the office of City Attorney Mike Feuer, Oroojian accepted liability for the victim's injuries and agreed to pay them restitution. He was ordered to stay 100 yards away from each victim as well as from the location of the incident.


On January 26, Oroojian allegedly got into an argument with a hot dog vendor near 6th Street and Spring Street. Two women who witnessed the clash came to the defense of the vendor. The argument escalated when Oroojian reportedly punched the first woman in the face. The second woman tripped Oroojian, causing him to fall to the sidewalk. He then got up and punched each woman in the face, knocking them both down, according to the city attorneys office. As they attempted to get up, Oroojian again allegedly punched them in their faces and ran away.

On January 30, Oroojian turned himself into LAPD Central Station after video of the incident went viral. The victims were taken to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with injuries including a concussion, broken finger and facial bruising.

In addition to the terms above, Oroojian was also ordered to write an apology letter to each woman.