Is ‘Bluey’ moving? Fans shocked seeing family's iconic home up for sale

FILE - "Bluey" childrens cartoon characters are displayed during the Brand Licensing Europe at ExCel on Oct. 4, 2023, in London, England. (Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)

"Bluey," the animated children’s show popular among both children and parents alike, could have a big change coming: the Heeler family appears to be moving.

The Emmy Award-winning series follows the adventures of Bluey, a lovable 7-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her dad, Bandit, mum, Chilli, and 5-year-old sister, Bingo. The show is produced in Brisbane, Australia, which inspires the show’s setting.

"Bluey," which is available on Disney+ in the United States, recently announced two new episodes as part of season 3. The first, called "Ghostbasket," premiered on April 7, and is the usual 7 minutes long. The second new episode, called "The Sign," is a 28-minute extended special and will premiere globally on April 14. 

"Ghostbasket" sees the return of Bluey and Bingo’s much-loved Granny alter egos, "Janet and Rita." All seems normal, with dad Bandit pretending to be a real estate agent, until the very end of the episode when the camera pans out – revealing an actual "For Sale" sign in the front yard of the family’s iconic home. 

Several viewers shared their reaction to the final moments of the episode on social media. 

On Reddit, one fan noted how seeing the for-sale sign "hits like a brick," while another noted how they "got immediately overwhelmed and teared up."

The Heeler's home is almost like another character in the show, serving as a colorful backdrop to the family's fun-loving activities. In 2022, a real-life version of the family’s home was listed on Airbnb in Brisbane for a weekend. 

The upcoming 28-minute extended episode, picking up where "Ghostbasket" left off, was penned by "Bluey" creator and writer Joe Brumm, directed by Richard Jeffery, and produced by Ludo Studio.

‘Bluey’ praised for lessons in parenting

Since its launch in 2018, "Bluey" has enjoyed critical acclaim — quickly becoming a hit in Australia and growing into a worldwide phenomenon. The show is often praised for its ability to speak honestly about parenting and childhood

In one fan-favorite episode from season 2, called "Sleepytime," Bingo bedhops at nighttime while the rest of the family tries to get some sleep. It simultaneously follows Bingo’s dream, as she and her stuffed animal Floppy have an adventure through space. 

Touching on themes like separation anxiety, parenthood, and the growing independence of a child — as well as the inclusion of Holst's "Jupiter" adding a magical soundscape — viewers often admit to wiping tears from their eyes. 

"Bluey" now airs in more than 60 countries, and in the U.S., the series airs on Disney+, Disney Junior, and The Disney Channel.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.