'Instincts kicked in': Man shoots at would-be robbers in his Sherman Oaks home

A Sherman Oaks homeowner says survival instincts he didn't even know he had kicked in Saturday morning when he came face to face with robbery suspects inside his home.

"So I open my bedroom and there's a guy literally six feet in front of me," said Remi. "He's in my house already coming towards my bedroom so as soon as he sees me with a gun he starts yelling, I pull out my gun and I start firing inside my own house."

The attempted robbery happened around 1:30 a.m. Saturday at the home on Beverly Ridge Drive in Sherman Oaks. 

Remi was asleep and was woken up by noises outside. He thought it was raccoons - they'd been breaking into the garbage lately. Instead, Remi saw two men, and one of them had a gun. So Remi grabbed his own gun, and fired at the two men. The suspects ran away, but Remi, fearing they'd find another way into his house, ran out of his bedroom to chase them down. That's when he found a third man, this one inside his home. 

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Remi fired at him too. That suspect ran as well, while Remi went back to his room to get more bullets.

"Instincts kicked in at that moment," Remi said. "I don’t know if I could ever do it again. It was just very instinctual."

By the time he returned to his room, Remi had already called 911. Police arrived shortly after that and cleared the house. They didn't find any of the suspects, but say they likely entered the home through the back climbing up a hillside from a dirt road.

Police are still investigating this robbery, but are asking anyone with information to call the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys Station at 818-374-9500.