Instagram mom shares tips to keep kids busy during summer months amid pandemic

It is going to be a long summer with your children without summer camp, summer school, and everyone continuing to shelter in place.

Susie Allison, the creator of a very famous Instagram page will solve the question, 'What do I do with my kid?'

"I thought I'd put these on Instagram and maybe other people will be interested and in turned out a lot of people were interested," she said. 

More than a million followers watch Allison create easy activities to keep your toddler busy.

She showed FOX 11 four of them you can do with your kids.

First up: Giant Name Art.

"Giant name art has been is a favorite. We adapted it to Amazon boxes that we have a lot of now more than ever," she said. 

•Tape the cardboard box to your fence

•Use block letters to print your kids' names.

•Give them paint and let the kids go wild!

"It ended up buying me an hour where I just sat outside and watched them paint! And that is the magic word for mom and dad!"

Second: Bubble Foam.

"Bubble foam is my absolute favorite because it's so easy. You take two parts water and two parts bubble bath. Whip it into peaks and it will just balloon up. "

Dump it in a big bin - your kids will love the fluffy, foamy fun!

"Just slowly back away and they will be entertained for so long. It's amazing!"

The next activity is for kids of all ages! It's called oobleck!

"It means that its kind of a liquid kind of a solid and you make it by mixing corn starch and water," she explained.

"And the second you start to mix it you can feel the change happen!"

And finally, a nature cutting bin!

Did you just spruce up your yard? Don't throw away your clippings so fast!

"I started collecting all these trimmings and passed it over to my toddler and said experimenting with cutting this and see what happens. This is such an easy and safe way to ensure scissor skills and cutting!"

Clearly busy toddler will keep your toddler busy all summer long!

"It's a really great way to take off the page of a workbook, away from the screen of a computer and put it in a dynamic hands-on way," she said. "We adults know that play is learning and this is some serious and significant learning for kids."