Inglewood Code Enforcement goes after Girl Scout, mom selling Girl Scout cookies on street corner

The City of Inglewood's Code Enforcement is coming under fire after a resident filmed two officers demanding a woman and her daughter selling Girl Scout cookies on a street corner outside their home pack up their stand. 

The video, posted in two parts to Instagram, was taken on E. Arbor Vitae Street near SoFi Stadium on March 4. In the video, one of the officers tells the woman at the booth, "You can't be vending out here on the streets."

"They have a deal with the city, you can call somebody if you want to," the woman at the table is heard saying in the video, presumably referring to the Girl Scouts.

"I was angry. I was livid," said Fredrisha Dixon, who took the videos. Dixon said the mother told the officers that they had a permit, her daughter's troop number, and who to call to confirm they had a permit. 

An agenda for the committee meeting held on Jan. 26, 2023, shows a record of the permit request from the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, but minutes for that meeting have not been posted on the City of Inglewood's online meeting agenda portal. In fact, meeting minutes are only available for seven Permits & Licenses Committee meetings dating back to Jan. 14, 2021.

After insisting the group pack up the stand, one of the officers called their supervisor, who confirmed the group did in fact have a permit. The officers then left.

"She honestly looked bothered. I don't know if she understood what was happening, but I think it probably would be a traumatic experience for her.

FOX 11 has reached out to the City of Inglewood but has not heard back.