Increased police presence at Torrance high school after "non-credible" threat

A photo of a drawing by a North High School student on social media. After an investigation, Torrance Police Department determined the threat was not credible. (Editor's Note: Part of this image has been blurred for language)

A high school in Torrance will have an expanded police presence on campus and at school events after concerns of a threat, which authorities have said isn't credible, made the rounds on social media last week.

Concerned community members reached out to FOX 11 after a drawing from a North High School student in which they allegedly threatened their sixth-period class. 

According to North High Principal Chris Sheck, the school received the tip last Friday, June 10, and immediately reached out to Torrance Police. Investigators say they quickly identified the student, interviewed them and their parents, and searched the student's house. Following interviews and the search, TPD determined there was "no credible threat to any students or staff at North High School."

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While the threat wasn't deemed credible, Sheck told the North High School community Monday that Torrance Police would have an increased presence on campus and at school events throughout the rest of the week. 

"Please remind students that anything they say or do online that can be interpreted as a threat carries consequences, both in school and with law enforcement," Sheck wrote in a statement. "These consequences many times include not being able to attend school activities and other repercussions."

The school did not say what, if any, disciplinary action was taken against the student.