In Depth: Travel Woes

Segment One: Marla Tellez guest hosts for Hal.  She is joined by Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap flights to talk about how to cope with the recent rash of flight cancellations and delays.  Keys says that to give some perspective, most of the flights AREN’T being cancelled and most travelers will not have a problem.  In case travelers are not so lucky, Scott tells us some tips to make rescheduling less painful, including not using the main number for the airline but rather finding one that is less used, and having a specific replacement flight in mind in case your flight is cancelled.

Scott explains why the airlines have been having so many problems lately.

Segment Two: Financial Planner Bobbi Rebell joins Marla to talk about how to enjoy your summer vacation even while battling inflation.   Rebell says many people overspend on vacations when there are ways they could save, whether going to a place closer to home, so they don’t have to pay for airfare or gas, or to spend a couple of days in a luxury hotel, and several others in cheaper accommodations.

Rebell also talks to us about the best ways to plan ones finances around current high prices, and how to best utilize scarce resources.

She also says that this is not necessarily the worst time to buy a house, if you are in the market.  She says that interest rates may go up even more, and even if rates are high right now, if they go down, buyers can refinance in the future.

Segment Three: Emergency medicine physician Dr. Matt Waxman joins us to talk about the renewed threat of two omicron subvariants.  Waxman says that while the high transmissibility of the new subvariants make it highly likely that most people will catch Covid, that continued wearing of masks when around other people will help to mitigate that.

Waxman also talks about the plan to modify vaccines to better target the Omicron variant and discusses whether parents should get their kids vaccinated.

Segment Four: Marla promotes the "What the Hal" podcast and we close with animation of the "Sky Cruise, " a proposed nuclear-powered airship that would be a massive hotel that would never land.