In Depth: Inflation, Pride Parade, Summer Movies

Segment One:

Guest host Bob DeCastro fills in for Hal Eisner.  He is joined by Certified Financial Planner David Rae.  Rae talks about how the current financial situation is affecting Americans, both consumers and investors.  He tells us that the impact of the economy on the stock market shouldn’t cause anybody to panic.  He says that people who buy in the Bear market and stay the course should be fine.  That applies to people who are close to retirement as well.  Rae has suggestions for people to budget to make it through inflation.  He suggests that people cook at home rather than eat out, check your recurring payments like Netflix and streaming that people may be paying without even using.  He also says to prioritize the things you love, and don’t spend money on things that are lower priority.

Segment Two:

Author and Professor Lillian Faderman is a scholar of LGBTQ history.  She talks to Bob about coming out as a lesbian back in the 1950s.  She says that it was the worst time possible to be gay.    She says that the gay community used to hang out at a place called "Coffee Dan’s" in Hollywood, and she saw a number of people harassed there.  Faderman says she stood on the corner where Coffee Dan’s once stood in 1970  to watch the first legal gay pride parade and was filled with emotion.

Segment Three:  

Joining Bob is Film Critic and "Dish Nation" host Andrew Freund to talk about the Summer film season. He discusses the upcoming blockbusters "Top Gun, " "Elvis," "Nope" and "Bullet Train."  He also suggests streaming "Grey Man" and "Love Victor."