In Depth: Epilepsy

Hal Eisner speaks with Dr. Shaun Hussain, an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA. They discuss what epilepsy is, the different ways the disease can manifest, and some of the common treatments for it.

In the second segment, Hal is joined by Francesca Calloway, whose daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after birth. Daughter Serafina, now 7 years old, was treated with medication, which ultimately proved ineffective, then she had two surgeries which have so-far rendered her seizure free. Calloway discusses their health journey and shares a message for other parents.

In segment three Hal speaks with Dr. Laura Lubbers, the Chief Scientific Officer for the organization "CURE Epilepsy." Lubbers discusses her own personal connection with the organization, and what it has done to boost awareness and raise funds to find a cure for epilepsy.

For anyone who wants information or wants to help, the website is