In Depth: Culture and Institutions

In segment one, Speaker Emeritus Anthony Rendon and artist Rey Sepúlveda join Hal to talk about the creation of the Southeast Los Angeles or SELA Cultural Center. 

Rendon discusses how the project came about, how it will serve the largely culturally neglected population of the area ,and where the funds are coming from. Sepúlveda tells Hal that he and his fellow artists enjoyed being part of the creative process and that all their suggestions were put into action.

In segment two, Taran Schindler, Artistic Director of Grand Vision / Grand Annex, and 15th District LA Councilman Tim Mcosker talk to Hal about the renovation of the Warner Grand Theater. They discuss the history of the theater, what will be done during the renovation and why the theater is important to the San Pedro neighborhood.

In segment three, Councilman McOsker talks to Hal about Wilmington’s Banning Museum, and the man behind it, Phineas Banning.  

Banning was one of the early icons of Los Angeles and is actually called the Father of the Port of LA.

McOsker also talks about what a pivotal role the harbor plays for the city of Los Angeles.