In Depth: COVID-19 treatments, feelings, parenting

Segment 1: Treatments

Hal Eisner speaks with ICU Medical Director with Cedars-Sinai Dr. Thomas Yadegar about what doctors have learned about COVID-19 since the first outbreaks and how many of the things they first thought would work turned out to be incorrect, such as rapidly putting patients on respirators.  They have also found that the novel coronavirus is as much a clotting disorder as a respiratory disorder and that the major danger from the disease is a cytokine storm. Dr. Yadegar discusses new treatment possibilities such as Heparin, which may actually bind the virus, preventing it from getting into cells. Interferon Beta is another new treatment, which may help the immune system organize its defense against the virus.

Segment 2: Emotions

Dr. Ricardo Whyte, a psychiatrist with Dignity Health talks about how he has now had a personal experience supporting COVID-19 patients, as several of his family members became ill with the disease, but have since recovered. Hal shares some social media posts from viewers about the emotional problems they have experienced. Dr. Whyte says that the best way to get through the trauma of the pandemic is for everyone to pull together and share their coping mechanisms- even if that can't be in person. He also says that people need to be present in the moment, and appreciate the mundane moments as much as they do special occasions.

Segment 3: Parenting

The director of preschool Caterpillar Cottage in the Valley Heather Malley talks to Hal about a couple of books she wrote during the pandemic to help kids get through their anger and confusion at all the changes in their lives.  "Not Forever But for Now" and "This Summer I Wonder" are for parents to share with their children to help them understand what is going on and to not be afraid.
Malley has also created resources for parents to use to help them negotiate the pandemic and realize that they're not alone in their struggle. She has posted them on her blog.

Segment 4: Wrap up

Hal promotes his podcast and we end with a memory of the recently deceased civil rights leader John Lewis in a lighter moment, as he spontaneously dances to Pharrell Williams' "Happy."