In Depth: Congressman Brad Sherman, Pet Safety

Hal Eisner is joined by Congressman Brad Sherman to talk about the impact of the dispute over raising the U.S. debt ceiling.

Sherman says the threat that the United States would not be able to pay its bills is damaging the current economy, and if it really happens, will cause a global recession.  

Sherman also talks about his endorsement of Adam Schiff for California Senator, and the recent lockdown at a local high school where he was scheduled to appear. That lockdown was brought on by the threat of a school shooter.

Hal also speaks to dog trainer Larua Nativo and Lindsey Wolko, the founder of the Center for Pet Safety about ways to keep our pets safe.  They discuss a couple of recent cases where dogs wound up loose and running on the freeway, and how pet owners can prevent that.

Wolko shares some videos of dog crash test dummies being used to test harnesses and crates intended to protect pets, and how some of them failed badly.

The ones that passed can be seen on

Nativo talks to Hal about other threats to our pets, from escape to dangerous foods and other objects that they could be exposed to in the home.