'I feel very violated': Intruder walks around Lakewood home, kids and family inside

A woman is sounding the alarm after shocking video shows an intruder walking around a backyard and entering a home in Lakewood as she and her grandchildren were inside. 

Cameras caught the man going back and forth over their fence, walking around the yard and even peering into the windows. 

"He had walked inside an unlocked patio door and he was inside my home for three minutes and 42 seconds while my grandchildren and I were upstairs and my sister was downstairs in her bedroom. It was very scary. I feel very violated," said homeowner Meka Davis. 

She says on her Ring camera she saw a leg coming over the fence and yelled out the prowler, scaring him off. But it was only after reviewing footage that she discovered just how long he'd been there. 

"I'm not sure what his intent was, but I know his intent was not to come in and have coffee and tea with me, you know, and just the fact that he was waiting and didn't take anything."

Deputies don't know his motive either, but say the same man, on the same night Dec. 9, was in another backyard in the same general area of Country Club Drive.

And although he didn't steal anything, Davis still feels robbed.  

"You want to feel safe in your own home all the time. It's where we come to get away from the world, where that's supposed to be your safest place," she added. "Everyone needs to lock their doors and try to practice safety at all times."

Deputies at the Lakewood station say they are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood. If you recognize the man you are urged to contact deputies.