'I am just excited': Salon owners relieved to reopen their doors

Some salons are reopening immediately, following the announcement from LA County health officials.

The Downey Hair Studio in Downey reopened this afternoon after seeing the announcement and clients started calling.

Mariana Reyes, a stylist at the salon, is excited to be back at work."I am just excited. I'm happy. I'm happy to be able to make money to start working, bringing in my clients and just seeing them again," she said.

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Reyes said she was unable to get unemployment, like many stylists."It's been really hard on our wallets and as a business just for everyone I think, it's been tough," she said.

Giuseppe Franco, the owner of "Giuseppe Franco" in Beverly Hills, is waiting to reopen on Tuesday of next week.

"My heart says to open up after this crazy weekend. I waited this long, and I don't think 314 hours more or whatever it is is going to affect me. Then I also have 73 stylists here and I have to announce to them one by one that we're opening up safely, call all the assistants besides calling thousands of clients," Franco said.

He said he has missed servicing his loyal clients.

"The movie stars will come. They've been pretty loyal, but I can't wait to do my real clients which are the mothers, the grandmothers, the little kids, the whole family," he said.

Franco said it has been difficult paying the high rent in Beverly Hills without working.

"We are hurting, not just my business, but businesses, mom and pops, businesses all over. A lot of people including myself didn't have income for eight weeks, but I had to put money out because I'm in Beverly Hills to pay for certain things, but I said keep the faith. God will work it out. I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, just a matter of when. Now the main thing is to stay strong," he said.