How you can paint your own mural on a utility box in Los Angeles

In the City of Los Angeles, there are more than 5,000 traffic control boxes that are dull and grey. But in the last few years, local artists have transformed those eyesores into beautiful works of art.

Each mural is incredibly unique, some feature abstract art while others display inspirational messages. Several feature tributes and some show historical figures such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. 

Now, the search is on for more people who would like to showcase their art on a traffic control box.  

LA Councilmember José Huizar of District 14 started the "CD14 Art Box Mural" program in 2012. Since then, more than 600 “mini murals” were painted on electrical boxes throughout the city. The councilmember started the initiative in order to transform banal, city boxes into mini works of art. 

"It’s a beautiful thing, it beautifies the community, tells us history either locally or international and brings up conversations and people just enjoy seeing them," Huizar said.

If you're interested in painting a mural on a traffic control box, all you have to do is submit a letter to your local councilperson detailing your artistic proposal in order to receive a permit. Anything goes except material that is offensive, political or a direct advertisement.  

Assistant General Manager of the LA Department of Transportation Dan Mitchell said that artists who paint a box without a proposal are subject to being painted over and "all of that effort could be lost," he added. 

FOX 11's Mary Stringini contributed to this report.