House for sale goes viral thanks to bedroom sign

The home is listed on Zillow for $420,000 and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. (Credit: FOX News)

One Wisconsin couple went beyond the cliche "Live, Laugh, Love" sign and hung a "Welcome to Poundtown" sign directly above their bed.

When Lauren Hegenbarth listed her family’s rural Wisconsin home for sale online, she never imagined that her master bedroom would land on one of her favorite social media accounts. Zillow Gone Wild picked up the listing, stating that it is "a good example of what happens when your Michael’s obsession goes one sign too far."

Zillow Gone Wild is a popular page with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 167,000 followers on Twitter. It highlights the weirdest and craziest homes spotted on Zillow.

The family home in Onalaska, Wisconsin, is listed at $420,000 and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is on 1.53 acres. The 3,600-square-foot home is filled with a variety of signs, including ones that read "the kitchen is made for dancing," "brush your teeth" and, above the toilet, "please seat yourself."

Hegenbarth told Fox News Digital that she and her husband began flipping homes in 2013. 

"He sold his truck, and we bought our first house," she said. "After that, we've continued. This will be our fourth home we've flipped."

Hegenbarth added that she and her husband will start their fifth flip after the Poundtown home sells.


The 3,600-square-foot home is filled with a variety of signs. (Credit: FOX News)

The homeowner said she's always enjoyed making do-it-yourself decor and started making her own signs and wreaths in 2015. She then began selling them on her Facebook group called Sleepless Beauty Designs.

"My husband went on a 60-day work deployment back in November to New Orleans, where he helped repair homes for those whose lives were destroyed by the most recent hurricane," Hegenbarth said. During that time Hegenbarth saw the original Poundtown sign in a Facebook group and thought, "it was perfect."

"I have a sense of humor this is 50% sarcasm and 50% raunchy and my husband is the exact same way," she explained. 

Hegenbarth created her sign while her husband was gone, so she could surprise him when he returned.

One day, Hegenbarth posted a picture on her Facebook page of her husband and their dog lying in bed. 

"My Facebook friends loved it, so I decided to create another private group, separate from my original group, to sell similar signs. I created a separate group just so people who didn't like that type of decor wouldn't get offended and not buy my stuff."

The private Facebook group is called Sleepless Beauty Designs After Dark VIP.

"I buy a blank sign from Hobby Lobby and then paint the sign whatever color," she said. "I have a Cricut machine, and I make a stencil and then paint the words by hand."

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Hegenbarth said she and her husband enjoy reading the comments on social media.

One Instagram user commented, "Live, Laugh, Love in Poundtown."

Another quipped, "This house talks too much." 

When the couple listed the house, Hegenbarth said she never considered removing the sign.

"I am who I am, and I don't want to change that."

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