Hot Topics from Home! Wendy Williams on Good Day LA

“How you doin’?” A question asked everyday on The Wendy Williams show and now asked to Wendy over Zoom for my interview with the Queen of Hot Topics!

Wendy and I discussed everything from doing our own glam for filming to her cats, Chit Chat and My Way! She even makes me feel good about my post-chemo curls, commenting that I’m “twinning with Betty Boop.” If you’re looking to FaceTime with Wendy well we go through quarantine, think again! The Talk Show Host is not a fan of FaceTime and would rather simply talk on the phone. She shares with Good Day LA that she is settling into divorced life quite nicely, and loves a good BLOCK when it comes to certain people in her life and inner circle.

Besides her Hot Topics segment, “Ask Wendy” is a fab fave! It’s usually her last segment of the show, and so we had to save it for last for our interview. We featured two Good Day LA viewers who submitted a question for Wendy to answer, a little (Q & A) Quarantine & Answer, if you will.

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays at 11 am right here on FOX 11.