Hospitals set up tents with extra examination areas due to rush of flu patients

There's a rush of flu patients in our area. The need for help is so high hospitals are now setting up tents outside emergency rooms in the Lehigh Valley.

At Lehigh Valley Medical Center they are boosting treatment up several notches--launching surge tents with extra examination areas as the flu continues to claim more lives.

"It might have hit a little harder for some populations, especially elderly and the younger but then there's a significant number of people in between that have been affected as well," Spokesman at Lehigh Valley Health Network Brian Downs told FOX 29.

The rising numbers are startling with 15 more flu-related deaths in Pennsylvania and nearly 50 total deaths reported.

Doctors in Delaware say a 3rd person has died with more than 900 confirmed cases of influenza this season. In New Jersey, hospitals are reportedly reaching capacity as they treat flu patients. At Lehigh Valley, officials say they are seeing 30 to 40 patients a day.

"The facility itself isn't necessarily meant to segregate populations. It's meant to deal with the illnesses and the different conditions on a different basis," Downs said.