Homeless and married, couple shares Christmas wish

It's Christmas Eve on Skid Row. Thousands of homeless men, women and children have come to the LA Mission for dinner.

In the crowd we find married couple Vincent and Adrienne Lemuel. Combined they have 16 children.

"I came to the Los Angeles mission because lost my job, I was losing my home had no where to go and I wanted to get my kids back in my life," Adrienne said.

"Our kids are beautiful. They have a lot to play into our life with out sobriety," Vincent said.

They say they've been on and off the streets for years because of issues with drugs and alcohol. They first met at another homeless shelter years ago.

"It's very scary out there. But it's nothing but a big mask. You put up a mask that your hard, but it's not real it's just a mask. ," Vincent said.

"Our love got us through this. Cause we love each other a lot," Adrienne said.

Now, not only are they almost finished with the rehabilition program offered by the mission. They say this year they'll be spending Christmas with some of their kids.

The youngest, 5-year-old Vinshawn and 6-year-old Vinicia are living with relatives.

"Tomorrow we're going to get to see our kids. It's an emotional time for me. To see them smiling and laughing," Vincent said.

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