Home raided near where San Bernardino shooter's family lived

New details are emerging from last Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino. The FBI raided a home in Riverside Saturday and Sunday that is linked to the massacre.

Neighbors say the home belongs to Syed Farook's former neighbor and friend, Enrique Marquez.

Marquez reportedly bought two assault rifles used in the attack, but is said to not be involved in any terror plot.

The Associated Press reports Marquez checked himself into a mental hospital, so officials haven't been able to speak to him yet.

Neighbors say the men were close, but stopped talking soon before Farook moved out.

"They were together for a quite a bit. Ricky would go over and they'd do the cars. I don't know if they were teaching them how to take things a part or put a motor together or whatever. But they spent a lot of time together and it was kind of nice to see because they're both so quiet. It was like they were friends. And then all of a sudden when they stopped being friends it was like...what happened?" said one neighbor.

As details emerge about Syed's friendships, we're also getting new clues from his father.

The Italian newspaper, La Stampa, spoke to him. The elder Farook told them, "My son said that he shared [ISIS leader Abu Bakr] Al Baghdadi's ideology and supported the creation of the Islamic State...He was also obsessed with Israel."

Did Syed or his wife have contacts with extremists though?

Pakistani government leaders said Sunday there is no connection between Farook's wife, a Pakistani native, and extremists in their country.

Pakistani foreign minister says they'll be offering their full assistance in the investigation.

An FBI spokesperson says they will provide details about the investigation at a press conference Monday afternoon.

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