Hollywood sexual assault caught on video

Shock, outrage, and fear in a Hollywood apartment building after an apparent break-in and brutal assault, possibly involving the homeless.

The initial images from the multiple security cameras at an apartment building on North Vermont are dramatic. 

You clearly see a man dragging what appears to be a young woman into a parking garage, and put her up against a parked car.  

The next part of the video isn't very clear, but it seems some type of sexual assault took place. 

When tenant Eliot Rosenberger saw this, he emailed FOX 11, and he called police. 

Rosenberger discovered this video almost by accident, as he was reviewing it because his motorcycle had been vandalized apparently by the same man.   

He thinks, and the LAPD is still investigating, that both the suspect and the alleged victim came from a homeless encampment that’s popped up behind the apartment building.  

Somehow they got into the locked driveway and garage, possibly just walking in behind a car. 

Nothing of the incident was reported to police before Rosenberger contacted them, according to his discussion with them. 

FOX 11 spoke briefly with two uniformed officers in the lobby of the once elegant building, who were transporting the video via flash drive to Rampart detectives, who as of this writing haven’t returned calls.   

Rosenberger, who coincidentally is a tenant rights attorney, has concerns from both a security standpoint, and from being a resident of LA concerned with the rise of, and plight of the homeless. A familiar issue.