Hispanic Heritage Month: 'Veronica M' fosters empowerment

The Los Angeles-based clothing line is known for its colorful prints and comfortable designs, but there's such a deeper meaning behind why the creator of Veronica M wants women to feel strong and beautiful. 

FOX 11's Sandra Endo got a chance to speak with Veronica Ferrer, founder of Veronica M. Veronica and her family left Peru for the United States when she was eight years old.

"Growing up wasn't easy," she said. "It's very challenging."

After experiencing a rough childhood, she wanted to make it on her own and be her own boss. Right out of high school, her passion for fashion and her eye for fit and fabrics helped her pursue a life of making clothes.

Her brand has deep personal meaning, as she uses fashion as empowerment.

"To make women feel something," she explained. "I wanted to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident going through all these years. I feel that now."