High school students come together to help classmate with cerebral palsy win adaptive bike

A heartwarming tale unfolds at Los Alamitos High School, where an 11th-grade student named Brady, who navigates life with cerebral palsy and relies on a powerchair for mobility, has captured the support and admiration of his peers.

When Brady's classmates in his video production class learned about his participation in a contest to win an adaptive bike for family bike rides, they harnessed their talents to create a compelling video advocating for his victory.

Described as someone who perceives no barriers to his abilities, Brady's indomitable spirit shines through. In his own words, he expresses his eagerness to engage in activities like skiing, highlighting the joy and freedom such experiences bring him.

One classmate remarks, "Brady is the sunshine, the happiness, the excitement that is missing in everyone's day."

Highlighting the significance of winning the bike, Brady's teacher underscores the importance of physical activity for him, particularly in his specialized physical education class, where the bike serves as a vital tool for strengthening his muscles.

Brady's family also chimes in, explaining his urgent need for a new bike due to his rapid growth, as he has outgrown his current one. Family bike rides hold special meaning for them, making the prospect of Brady winning the contest even more poignant.

To support Brady's cause, viewers are encouraged to vote for him online or donate to his fundraising website. Click here to vote for Brady.

Alternatively, donations can be made to ensure Brady receives the bike he needs. With a $2,200 gap remaining to reach the fundraising goal, the donation page will remain open until April 11.